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    China Energy Helps Ningcheng County Shake Off Poverty


    On April 18, the People's Government of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region announced that Ningcheng County has been officially taken off the list of impoverished counties, making it the fourth among China Energy-aided impoverished counties to be removed from the list.

    Beginning in 2016, China Energy has provided pairing assistance to Ningcheng in poverty alleviation through industrial development, education, e-commerce and skills training. By the end of 2018, a total of 30,185 people had come out of poverty, and the county's poverty incidence rate had dropped to 1.01 percent.

    With an investment of 10 million yuan, China Energy established a solar greenhouse industrial park in Dashuangmiao Town of Ningcheng, thanks to which 20-plus impoverished households have been involved in greenhouse farming, some 40 impoverished people find jobs and more than 100 impoverished families have enjoyed revenues from assets.

    To support local education, the group company has donated money and books. In 2018, its staff members donated more than 1.34 million yuan to the county as “China Energy Employees Educational Aid Fund,” apart from the established “Golden Autumn Educational Aid & Poverty Relief Fund” which allocates 2 million yuan each year to impoverished students across the county. Over the past three years, a total of 2,381 students have benefited from the fund. “Love Library” has donated some 232,000 books to the county.

    To eradicate poverty through e-commerce, 11 companies and specialized cooperative in Ningcheng have joined “China Energy Smart Mining” and “China Energy Poverty Relief Charity” platforms, generating a total sales volume of more than 1.75 million yuan.

    To reduce poverty through technical assistance, China Energy has provided two training programs at the technical school of Pingzhuang Coal Industry Group for electric welders and electricians to improve their professional skills, conducted free-of-charge skills training for 120 archived impoverished people, and recruited seven college graduates from impoverished families in Ningcheng County to work at Pingzhuang Coal Industry Group.