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    National Key Laboratory of Protection and Utilization of Water Resources in Coal Mining Holds Academic Committee Meeting


    On April 23, the Academic Committee of China Energy’s National Key Laboratory of Protection and Utilization of Water Resources in Coal Mining held a meeting in Beijing. Academicians from the Chinese Academy of Engineering including Peng Suping, Liu Jiongtian, Gu Dazhao and Kang Hongpu attended the meeting.

    The meeting heard a report by Project 2030 Office on the Key Laboratory’s 2018 construction progress and inspection preparations as well as its application for the 2018 Open Fund Project. Attending academicians offered input and constituted advice based on discussions.

    The meeting concluded that since its approval in 2015, the Key Laboratory has focused on the protection and utilization of water resources in coal mining and surface ecological restoration, which complies with the national policy for promoting ecological civilization and energy revolution. Its research orientation is highly consistent with the research of the national key program “Facing 2030: Clean and High-efficiency Utilization of Coal” in the field of green coal mining. With fruitful research results achieved alongside remarkable progress made in international cooperation and exchange and mechanism construction, the Key Laboratory is poised to provide an innovation platform and technological support for China Energy to forge a world-class energy enterprise and serve as a forerunner in green coal mining in China and even in the world.