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    China Energy Included in 2018 Top 50 Cases of Targeted Poverty Alleviation by Chinese Enterprises


    On March 31, the Social Poverty Relief Department of the State Council Leading Group Office of Poverty Alleviation and Development collaborated with the Corporate Social Responsibility Research Center under the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences released the Top 50 Cases of Targeted Poverty Alleviation by Chinese Enterprises (2018). The project “Sichuan Energy’s Poverty Relief Effort through Promoting Education, Healthcare and Capacity Building” carried out by China Energy Investment Corporation was inscribed onto the list.

    According to the jury, China Energy’s effort to promote comprehensive poverty alleviation in the Liangshan Yi Autonomous Prefecture, Sichuan Province, made great contributions to eliminating poverty in the region. Through promoting education, China Energy provides human resources for sustainable development of local poverty-stricken areas. Through improving healthcare services, China Energy helps enhance health conditions of people in poverty-stricken areas and prevents them from falling into poverty again due to illnesses. Through strengthening industrial poverty alleviation, China Energy has explored a road toward prosperity for the Yi people living in areas in extreme poverty, and injected momentum into poverty alleviation and rural vitalization.

    The compilation of the excellent cases of targeted poverty alleviation efforts by Chinese enterprises aims to sum up their experiences and approaches for targeted poverty alleviation and elimination, set examples that guide the direction of the effort to combat poverty, inspire more enterprises to actively take social responsibilities and participate in poverty alleviation, and create an atmosphere of poverty alleviation in the whole of society, thus forming a joint force to reduce poverty. Of the Top 50 Cases of Targeted Poverty Alleviation by Chinese Enterprises (2018), 25 came from State-owned enterprises, accounting for 50 percent of the total, 22 came from private enterprises, accounting for 44 percent, and three came from foreign-funded enterprises, accounting for 6 percent.